Voice SMS

Voice SMS is the pre-recorded message with the help of which you will be able to transmit the required information to multiple people across the country. The message is recorded beforehand so that it can be passed on in bulk to the targeted audience. You can also customize the voice SMS that is to be sent. A certain language might not be understood by the whole population of the country and so you are given the facility to transmit your information I your regional language so that it is understood by your customers. Voice SMS is used by political campaign, during lead generation, reminder for payment, while registering online, promoting a brand, alerts on stocks, EMI’s and banking service etc.

Voice SMS in Noida offers instant service in all Indian language at a reasonable rate. We keep it transparent and do not add any hidden charges. You pay what you use. Most of the marketers nowadays choose the voice SMS service provider to reach out to the targeted audience for promoting their product or services by giving it a personal touch. Voice SMS is gaining lot of popularity nowadays as it offers efficient voice SMS service to the customers. Through Voice SMS you can easily communicate your promotional content to the targeted audience in a very effective and innovative way. Voice SMS service provider in Noida is a reputed and trustworthy service provider that offers you exclusive voice SMS service at an economical rate.

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