Long Code

Long code is just like a mobile phone number that consist of 10 digits belonging to a particular area which is specifically used for generating leads and getting feedbacks of online surveys from the customers instantly. Long code makes communication faster, easy and cost effective. Long code is specifically used for promotions, getting feedbacks, voting and polling and for many other marketing purposes. You are given a chance to choose your desired number so that it can be easily remembered. Long code helps you to maintain and also reply for the SMS that you get. With the help of long code services you will be able to extend your business internationally in a convenient way. The customers will be able to reach you easily through long code service.

You can find two types of long code: shared and dedicated long code. Dedicated long code is especially dedicated for a number and all the messages will be received on that number only whereas shared long code is shared amongst many people with the help of one keyword. Our services are at an affordable rate that can meet your budget. Rush now to grab the amazing offers by long code service provider in Noida and get the desired response from the customers from our communication service.

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